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Educate yourself about the process with adoption consulting services from Opt 2 Adopt.


Our Adoption post-placement services include the required follow up to your adoption.


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Home Study


About Our Owner


Brenda Pizatella has been a licensed practicing social worker in West Virginia since 1974 when she graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor’s in Social Work. In 1977 she obtained her Master’s Degree in Social Work and became the first social worker at Fairmont General Hospital. She developed the Social Services Department at the Facility. This is where her love of and interest in adoptions first began as she worked with birth families who requested placement of their babies at birth.

During her work as an Acute Care Social Work Director she developed the policies and procedures for adoptions from the hospital as well as learning the need for home study preparations by social workers when she started her first business, Social Work Consultants, LLC. She became well know as a geriatric social worker and in that capacity helped start a skilled care unity within her hospital. Brenda at this time become expert on children’s services including adoption processes and child protective services and frequently had to provide expert testimony in regards to abuse and neglect in the courts. She Then along with many community leaders started the North Central West Virginia Coalition to Prevent Child Abuse. She is also an Academy of Certified Social Worker, which is a nationally recognized certification along with being a member of the National Association of Social Workers.

Adoption work has always been an integral part of her professional like and work. Therefore as the years have gone by she has prepared home studies for hundreds of various families. These home studies include completion for purpose of domestic and international adoptions (although international home studies will no longer been done.), custody issues, second parent adoptions, inter-and intra-state work.

Adoption consultations as a result of the many years of experience is also part of her work so that even if she does not prepare the family home study she can guide them through the maze which is the adoption process. Her business is happy to assist with dossier preparation as well as assistance with preparation of profile books and birth mother letters. As a result of these well-defined interests, Brenda started her current business of Opt to Adopt, LLC in order to focus on adoptions in many forms.


Meet Brenda

The Owner
Opt to Adopt Fairmont, West Virginia - Adoptions Services - Home Study Agency - Newborn Adoption Services
  • Licensed practicing social worker
  • More than 30 years experience.
  • Caring.
  • Helped more than 500 families adopt children.
  • Completely versed in adoption law.
  • Talented.
  • Expert in home studies, adoptions, and post-placement.


From the first phone call to the finalization.
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Consultations will include assistance in seeking an adoption agency that meets your individual needs as well as assistance with profile preparation if this is a requirement for you adoption. General questions will be answered as you are walked through the process.Make sure your home is a suitable environment for adoption with an adoption home study from Opt 2 Adopt in Fairmont, West Virginia. Our Licensed Social worker prepares home studies for families in a variety of situations, including infant, second parent, and stepparent adoptions, as well as custody issues.

Our licensed social worker has talent for tapping into emotional aspect of any situation, in addition to her many years of experience, to help grow your new family.

Home Study


What is a home study? An evaluation of your preparedness to adopt a child/children or to gain custody of a child. In order to prepare an adoption home study our licensed social worker will meet with you and all members of your household. The social worker will evaluate you home environment, your financial information, your physical ( to be completed by a physician) mental and emotional stability and ability to adopt a child or to become their guardian or custodian. The home study will be prepared to be in compliance with the state laws of West Virginia and Pennsylvania as they pertain to adoption. Each adult in the home is required by law to have FBI, State Police and Department of Human Services background checks.

At least two face to face interviews will be conducted with the potential adoptive parent or parents. In order to obtain any more detailed information please contact us. The process is painless and exciting. The time to complete the home study will vary according to the information required.

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Post Placement


After a child is place in your care all states have varying post placement requirements that must be met before your adoption can be finalized. Your pending adoption will go smoothly when you use the adoption post-placement services of Opt 2 Adopt in Fairmont, West Virginia. The Law requires a number of post-placement visits and supervisory reports on every adopting family. Our social worker brings decades of experience to the task and determines whether you are properly doing what you agreed to do as part of your adoption contract.

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